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Standard cylinder
With guide / Twin rod
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Air hand / Handling module
Swing type
Low speed type
Actuator auxiliary
Compressor / Air filter / Regulator
Speed controller / Fitting / Others
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Standard cylinder (Standard type)

Jig Cylinder C Series CDA Type

Jig Cylinder C Series CDA Type
CAD data & Manual download
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Head code CAD data file name Explanation
DXF CDA6.DXF (160KB) Double Acting Std. CDA6
DXF CDA8.DXF (160KB) Double Acting Std. CDA8
DXF CDA10.DXF (159KB) Double Acting Std. CDA10
DXF CDA12.DXF (171KB) Double Acting Std. CDA12
DXF CDA16.DXF (183KB) Double Acting Std. CDA16
DXF CDA20.DXF (191KB) Double Acting Std. CDA20
DXF CDA25.DXF (192KB) Double Acting Std. CDA25
DXF CDA32.DXF (207KB) Double Acting Std. CDA32
DXF CDA40.DXF (195KB) Double Acting Std. CDA40
DXF CDA50.DXF (202KB) Double Acting Std. CDA50
DXF CDA63.DXF (208KB) Double Acting Std. CDA63
DXF CDA80.DXF (207KB) Double Acting Std. CDA80
DXF CDA100.DXF (197KB) Double Acting Std. CDA100
DXF CSA6.DXF (158KB) Single Acting Push CSA6
DXF CSA8.DXF (158KB) Single Acting Push CSA8
DXF CSA10.DXF (157KB) Single Acting Push CSA10
DXF CSA12.DXF (167KB) Single Acting Push CSA12
DXF CSA16.DXF (179KB) Single Acting Push CSA16
DXF CSA20.DXF (182KB) Single Acting Push CSA20
DXF CSA25.DXF (183KB) Single Acting Push CSA25
DXF CSA32.DXF (191KB) Single Acting Push CSA32
DXF CSA40.DXF (183KB) Single Acting Push CSA40
DXF CSA50.DXF (192KB) Single Acting Push CSA50
DXF CTA6.DXF (163KB) Single Acting Pull CTA6
DXF CTA8.DXF (162KB) Single Acting Pull CTA8
DXF CTA10.DXF (161KB) Single Acting Pull CTA10
DXF CTA12.DXF (173KB) Single Acting Pull CTA12
DXF CTA16.DXF (185KB) Single Acting Pull CTA16
DXF CTA20.DXF (187KB) Single Acting Pull CTA20
DXF CTA25.DXF (194KB) Single Acting Pull CTA25
DXF CTA32.DXF (190KB) Single Acting Pull CTA32
DXF CTA40.DXF (188KB) Single Acting Pull CTA40
DXF CTA50.DXF (198KB) Single Acting Pull CTA50
DXF CDAL6.DXF (168KB) D.A. Non-Rotating CDAL6
DXF CDAL8.DXF (165KB) D.A. Non-Rotating CDAL8
DXF CDAL10.DXF (164KB) D.A. Non-Rotating CDAL10
DXF CDAL20.DXF (191KB) D.A. Non-Rotating CDAL20
DXF CDAL25.DXF (201KB) D.A. Non-Rotating CDAL25
DXF CDAL32.DXF (200KB) D.A. Non-Rotating CDAL32
DXF CDAL40.DXF (194KB) D.A. Non-Rotating CDAL40
DXF CDAL50.DXF (189KB) D.A. Non-Rotating CDAL50
DXF CDAL63.DXF (206KB) D.A. Non-Rotating CDAL63
DXF CDAD6.DXF (169KB) Double Act. Dbl. Rod CDAD6
DXF CDAD8.DXF (168KB) Double Act. Dbl. Rod CDAD8
DXF CDAD10.DXF (167KB) Double Act. Dbl. Rod CDAD10
DXF CDAD12.DXF (184KB) Double Act. Dbl. Rod CDAD12
DXF CDAD16.DXF (195KB) Double Act. Dbl. Rod CDAD16
DXF CDAD20.DXF (208KB) Double Act. Dbl. Rod CDAD20
DXF CDAD25.DXF (209KB) Double Act. Dbl. Rod CDAD25
DXF CDAD32.DXF (216KB) Double Act. Dbl. Rod CDAD32
DXF CDAD40.DXF (215KB) Double Act. Dbl. Rod CDAD40
DXF CDAD50.DXF (221KB) Double Act. Dbl. Rod CDAD50
DXF CDAD63.DXF (231KB) Double Act. Dbl. Rod CDAD63
DXF CDAD80.DXF (227KB) Double Act. Dbl. Rod CDAD80
DXF CDAD100.DXF (221KB) Double Act. Dbl. Rod CDAD100
DXF CSAD12.DXF (176KB) Double Act. Dbl. Rod CSAD12
DXF CSAD16.DXF (187KB) Double Act. Dbl. Rod CSAD16
DXF CSAD20.DXF (192KB) Double Act. Dbl. Rod CSAD20
DXF CSAD25.DXF (193KB) Double Act. Dbl. Rod CSAD25
DXF CSAD32.DXF (195KB) Double Act. Dbl. Rod CSAD32
DXF CSAD40.DXF (195KB) Double Act. Dbl. Rod CSAD40
DXF CSAD50.DXF (204KB) Double Act. Dbl. Rod CSAD50
DXF CDAT12.DXF (183KB) Double Acting Tandem CDAT12
DXF CDAT16.DXF (195KB) Double Acting Tandem CDAT16
DXF CDAT20.DXF (197KB) Double Acting Tandem CDAT20
DXF CDAT25.DXF (198KB) Double Acting Tandem CDAT25
DXF CDAT32.DXF (215KB) Double Acting Tandem CDAT32
DXF CDAT40.DXF (200KB) Double Acting Tandem CDAT40
DXF CDAT50.DXF (207KB) Double Acting Tandem CDAT50
DXF CDAT63.DXF (213KB) Double Acting Tandem CDAT63
DXF CDAT80.DXF (211KB) Double Acting Tandem CDAT80
DXF CDAT100.DXF (202KB) Double Acting Tandem CDAT100
DXF CSAT12.DXF (193KB) Single Acting Tandem CSAT12
DXF CSAT16.DXF (205KB) Single Acting Tandem CSAT16
DXF CSAT20.DXF (207KB) Single Acting Tandem CSAT20
DXF CSAT25.DXF (207KB) Single Acting Tandem CSAT25
DXF CSAT32.DXF (219KB) Single Acting Tandem CSAT32
DXF CSAT40.DXF (210KB) Single Acting Tandem CSAT40
DXF CSAT50.DXF (217KB) Single Acting Tandem CSAT50
DXF CDAW12.DXF (190KB) Double Acting Dual CDAW12
DXF CDAW16.DXF (201KB) Double Acting Dual CDAW16
DXF CDAW20.DXF (205KB) Double Acting Dual CDAW20
DXF CDAW25.DXF (206KB) Double Acting Dual CDAW25
DXF CDAW32.DXF (225KB) Double Acting Dual CDAW32
DXF CDAW40.DXF (208KB) Double Acting Dual CDAW40
DXF CDAW50.DXF (215KB) Double Acting Dual CDAW50
DXF CDAW63.DXF (222KB) Double Acting Dual CDAW63
DXF CDAW80.DXF (218KB) Double Acting Dual CDAW80
DXF CDAW100.DXF (209KB) Double Acting Dual CDAW100
DXF CSAW12.DXF (201KB) Double Acting Dual CSAW12
DXF CSAW16.DXF (212KB) Double Acting Dual CSAW16
DXF CSAW20.DXF (217KB) Double Acting Dual CSAW20
DXF CSAW25.DXF (218KB) Double Acting Dual CSAW25
DXF CSAW32.DXF (230KB) Double Acting Dual CSAW32
DXF CSAW40.DXF (220KB) Double Acting Dual CSAW40
DXF CSAW50.DXF (228KB) Double Acting Dual CSAW50
DXF CTAW12.DXF (202KB) Double Acting Dual CTAW12
DXF CTAW16.DXF (213KB) Double Acting Dual CTAW16
DXF CTAW20.DXF (217KB) Double Acting Dual CTAW20
DXF CTAW25.DXF (218KB) Double Acting Dual CTAW25
DXF CTAW32.DXF (220KB) Double Acting Dual CTAW32
DXF CTAW40.DXF (220KB) Double Acting Dual CTAW40
DXF CTAW50.DXF (227KB) Double Acting Dual CTAW50
DXF CBDA12.DXF (166KB) Double Acting Std. CBDA12(Lateral Load type)
DXF CBDA16.DXF (177KB) Double Acting Std. CBDA16(Lateral Load type)
DXF CBDA20.DXF (185KB) Double Acting Std. CBDA20(Lateral Load type)
DXF CBDA25.DXF (186KB) Double Acting Std. CBDA25(Lateral Load type)
DXF CBDA32.DXF (189KB) Double Acting Std. CBDA32(Lateral Load type)
DXF CBDA40.DXF (189KB) Double Acting Std. CBDA40(Lateral Load type)
DXF CBDA50.DXF (196KB) Double Acting Std. CBDA50(Lateral Load type)
DXF CBDA63.DXF (202KB) Double Acting Std. CBDA63(Lateral Load type)
DXF CBDA80.DXF (199KB) Double Acting Std. CBDA80(Lateral Load type)
DXF CBDA100.DXF (191KB) Double Acting Std. CBDA100(Lateral Load type)
DXF CCDA12.DXF (165KB) Double Acting Std. CCDA12(Long Stroke)
DXF CCDA16.DXF (177KB) Double Acting Std. CCDA16(Long Stroke)
DXF CCDA20.DXF (182KB) Double Acting Std. CCDA20(Long Stroke)
DXF CCDA25.DXF (185KB) Double Acting Std. CCDA25(Long Stroke)
DXF CCDA32.DXF (186KB) Double Acting Std. CCDA32(Long Stroke)
DXF CCDA40.DXF (186KB) Double Acting Std. CCDA40(Long Stroke)
DXF CCDA50.DXF (194KB) Double Acting Std. CCDA50(Long Stroke)
DXF CCDA63.DXF (200KB) Double Acting Std. CCDA63(Long Stroke)
DXF CCDA80.DXF (197KB) Double Acting Std. CCDA80(Long Stroke)
DXF CCDA100.DXF (188KB) Double Acting Std. CCDA100(Long Stroke)
DXF CCDAK16H.DXF (187KB) D.A. End Keep CCDAK16-HL(Head side)
DXF CCDAK16R.DXF (187KB) D.A. End Keep CCDAK16-RL(Rod side)
DXF CCDAK20H.DXF (196KB) D.A. End Keep CCDAK20-HL(Head side)
DXF CCDAK20R.DXF (196KB) D.A. End Keep CCDAK20-RL(Rod side)
DXF CCDAK25H.DXF (198KB) D.A. End Keep CCDAK25-HL(Head side)
DXF CCDAK25R.DXF (199KB) D.A. End Keep CCDAK25-RL(Rod side)
DXF CCDAK32H.DXF (197KB) D.A. End Keep CCDAK32-HL(Head side)
DXF CCDAK32R.DXF (197KB) D.A. End Keep CCDAK32-RL(Rod side)
DXF CCDAK40H.DXF (198KB) D.A. End Keep CCDAK40-HL(Head side)
DXF CCDAK40R.DXF (198KB) D.A. End Keep CCDAK40-RL(Rod side)
DXF CCDAK50H.DXF (205KB) D.A. End Keep CCDAK50-HL(Head side)
DXF CCDAK50R.DXF (205KB) D.A. End Keep CCDAK50-RL(Rod side)
DXF CCDAK63H.DXF (209KB) D.A. End Keep CCDAK63-HL(Head side)
DXF CCDAK63R.DXF (209KB) D.A. End Keep CCDAK63-RL(Rod side)
DXF CDA-OP1.DXF (94KB) Option Foot Bracket jigc
DXF CDA-OP2.DXF (66KB) Option Foot Bracket jigc
DXF CDA-OP3.DXF (88KB) Option Flange Bracket jigc
DXF CDA-OP4.DXF (70KB) Option Flange Bracket jigc
DXF CDA-OP5.DXF (192KB) Option Clevis Bracket jigc
DXF CDA-OP6.DXF (147KB) Option Clevis Bracket jigc
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