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Standard cylinder (Standard type)

Multi Mount Cylinder BDA Series

Multi Mount Cylinder BDA Series
CAD data & Manual download
Please open the file after save it to your PC by left click. How to use
Head code CAD data file name Explanation
DXF BDA-6.DXF (49KB) Double Acting Std. BDA6
DXF BDA-10.DXF (47KB) Double Acting Std. BDA10
DXF BDA-16.DXF (47KB) Double Acting Std. BDA16
DXF BSA-6.DXF (50KB) Single Acting Push BSA6
DXF BSA-10.DXF (48KB) Single Acting Push BSA10
DXF BSA-16.DXF (48KB) Single Acting Push BSA16
DXF BTA-6.DXF (51KB) Single Acting Pull BTA6
DXF BTA-10.DXF (50KB) Single Acting Pull BTA10
DXF BTA-16.DXF (50KB) Single Acting Pull BTA16
DXF BDAD-6.DXF (63KB) Double Act. Dbl. Rod BDAD6
DXF BDAD-10.DXF (62KB) Double Act. Dbl. Rod BDAD10
DXF BDAD-16.DXF (60KB) Double Act. Dbl. Rod BDAD16
DXF BDAL-6.DXF (52KB) D.A. Non-Rotating BDAL6
DXF BDAL-10.DXF (50KB) D.A. Non-Rotating BDAL10
DXF BDAL-16.DXF (53KB) D.A. Non-Rotating BDAL16
DXF BSAL-6.DXF (53KB) S.A. Push Non-Rotating BSAL6
DXF BSAL-10.DXF (51KB) S.A. Push Non-Rotating BSAL10
DXF BSAL-16.DXF (54KB) S.A. Push Non-Rotating BSAL16
DXF BTAL-6.DXF (55KB) S.A. Pull Non-Rotating BTAL6
DXF BTAL-10.DXF (52KB) S.A. Pull Non-Rotating BTAL10
DXF BTAL-16.DXF (55KB) S.A. Pull Non-Rotating BTAL16
DXF BDADL-6.DXF (66KB) Double Act. Dbl. Rod BDADL6(non-rotating)
DXF BDADL-10.DXF (65KB) Double Act. Dbl. Rod BDADL10(non-rotating)
DXF BDADL-16.DXF (65KB) Double Act. Dbl. Rod BDADL16(non-rotating)
DXF MULTI-1A.DXF (118KB) Option Foot Mount Bracket multimount
DXF MULTI-3A.DXF (193KB) Option Flange A mount Bracket multimount
DXF MULTI-3B.DXF (203KB) Option Falnge B mount Bracket multimount
DXF MULTI-SW.DXF (69KB) Option Sensor Switch multimount
DXF MULTI-SE.DXF (40KB) Option Shield Plate multimount
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