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Pilot actuated square type (1)

Solenoid Valve 180 Series

Solenoid Valve 180 Series
CAD data & Manual download
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Head code CAD data file name Explanation
DXF 181E1.DXF (63KB) Valve alone 181E1
DXF 180-4E1.DXF (64KB) Valve alone 180-4E1
DXF 180-4E2.DXF (81KB) Valve alone 180-4E2
DXF 183-4E2.DXF (81KB) Valve alone 183-4E2
DXF A181E1.DXF (52KB) Sub-base Piping A181E1
DXF A180-4E1.DXF (52KB) Sub-base Piping A180-4E1
DXF A180-4E2.DXF (63KB) Sub-base Piping A180-4E2
DXF A183-4E2.DXF (63KB) Sub-base Piping A183-4E2
DXF A180-4ME2.dxf (71KB) Sub-base Piping Tandem Solenoid A180-4ME2
DXF A183-4ME2.dxf (70KB) Sub-base Piping Tandem Solenoid A183-4ME2
DXF 180E1.DXF (53KB) Valve alone 180E1
DXF A180E1.DXF (53KB) Valve alone A180E1
DXF 180-SUB.DXF (76KB) Sub-base Piping -25 180series
DXF 180-QF.DXF (35KB) Quick fitting -J 180series
DXF 180-ROCK.DXF (22KB) Locking protruding type -83 180series
DXF 180-PSL1.DXF (134KB) Wiring specification 181E1-PSL
DXF 180-PSL2.DXF (135KB) Wiring specification 180-4E1-PSL
DXF 180-PSL3.DXF (197KB) Wiring specification 180-4E2-PSL
DXF 180-PSL4.DXF (124KB) Wiring specification 180E1-PSL
DXF 180-PSL5.DXF (196KB) Wiring specification 183-4E2-PSL
DXF 180-PLL1.DXF (139KB) Wiring specification 181E1-PLL
DXF 180-PLL2.DXF (139KB) Wiring specification 180-4E1-PLL
DXF 180-PLL3.DXF (195KB) Wiring specification 180-4E2-PLL
DXF 180-PLL4.DXF (132KB) Wiring specification 180E1-PLL
DXF 180-PLL5.DXF (195KB) Wiring specification 183-4E2-PLL
DXF 180-39-1.DXF (127KB) Wiring specification 181E1-39
DXF 180-39-2.DXF (128KB) Wiring specification 180-4E1-39
DXF 180-39-4.DXF (120KB) Wiring specification 180E1-39
DXF 180-39-3.DXF (177KB) Wiring specification 180-4E2-39
DXF 180-39-5.DXF (176KB) Wiring specification 183-4E2-39
DXF 180-L-1.DXF (115KB) Wiring specification 181E1-L
DXF 180-L-2.DXF (115KB) Wiring specification 180-4E1-L
DXF 180-L-3.DXF (157KB) Wiring specification 180-4E2-L
DXF 180-L-4.DXF (103KB) Wiring specification 180E1-L
DXF 180-L-5.DXF (156KB) Wiring specification 183-4E2-L
DXF 180-FA-1.DXF (117KB) Wiring specification 181E1-FA
DXF 180-FA-2.DXF (117KB) Wiring specification 180-4E1-FA
DXF 180-FA-3.DXF (162KB) Wiring specification 180-4E2-FA
DXF 180-FA-4.DXF (103KB) Wiring specification 180E1-FA
DXF 180-FA-5.DXF (161KB) Wiring specification 183-4E2-FA
DXF 180-REG.DXF (57KB) Subbase regulator -52 180series
DXF 181M-F.DXF (62KB) F type Manifold 181M*F
DXF 181M-A.DXF (64KB) A type Manifold 181M*A
DXF 180M-F.DXF (97KB) F type Manifold 180M*F
DXF 180M-FE.DXF (99KB) F type Manifold 180M*FE
DXF 180M-A.DXF (99KB) A type Manifold 180M*A
DXF 180-SC.DXF (34KB) Speed controller SCE-01 180series
DXF 180-MUFF.DXF (22KB) Muffler KM-10 180series
DXF 180-BASE.DXF (20KB) Mounting base 180-21
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